Best Chinese Food With Noodles

Who doesn’t love Chinese food, right? There are millions of people over the world who relish Chinese delicacies with noodles. People try out various combinations of Chinese food with noodles to give their taste buds a tingle.  

Countless Chinese recipes can be prepared with noodles, so it is nearly impossible to list them all. In this write-up, we focus on the best Chinese food with noodles that you would enjoy for your meals.  

List of Top 8 Chinese Food With Noodles 

Beef Chow Fun 

We start our list with a very famous Chinese food prepared with noodles – Beef Chow Fun. It is a Cantonese dish cooked with ingredients like beef slices, hor fun or wide rice noodles and bean sprouts. Many restaurants use this dish to check the expertise and experience of the Chef who claims to be good at Cantonese food preparations.  


If your mouth waters for Chinese food with various garnishes, then Lianfen would impress you. It is a popular dish from Northern China – Sichuan and Qinghai. It is prepared using the slices of starch jelly tossed in savoury and then made tastier using various garnishes. One can use mung bean starch to make jelly. If you do not have mung bean, then you may also use sweet potato starch, pea starch or wheat starch to prepare this recipe.  


Hot, dry noodles are also called Reganmian, and it is a very popular Chinese dish that has its roots in the capital of the Chinese Hubei province, Wuhan. It is commonly included in the daily diet of the Chinese. For preparing Reganmain or hot, dry noodles, you would need sesame oil, water and noodles.  

Biangbiang Noodles or Belt Noodles 

You would hear some calling it belt noodles and a few naming it Biangbiang noodles. They are called such on account of their broadness and length. Biangbiang is a speciality of the Shaanxi province of China. This dish is garnished with vegetables and herbs, and so you can taste a hint of garlic, leeks, spring onions, cumin, chilli, peppercorns and coriander.  

Wonton Noodles 

There would rarely be a food enthusiast who has not tried Wonton noodles. It is a popular delicacy from Southeast Asia and is ordered frequently from the menus of Chinese restaurants. It contains egg noodles and wonton dumplings. You can also add chicken, pork or seafood broth.  


Another famous Chinese food with noodles is Liangpi that originated from China’s Shaanxi province. They are made using wheat or rice flour and sometimes in combination of both. Liangpi tastes awesome with the dressing of peanut sauce, vinegar and chilli oil. Common garnishes used in this dish is cucumber, cilantro and bean sprouts.  

Lo Mein or Guangdongese lo mein 

Another common Chinese food prepared with a combination of noodles is Guangdongese lo mein or laomain. It is prepared with boiled and egg noodles, which are mixed with sauces and meats or vegetables. 

Dan Dan Noodles 

An awesome cuisine from the Chinese recipes is Dan Dan Noodles. It is made using chilli oil, vegetables, peppercorn, peanut paste and hot sauce.  

Concluding Thoughts 

There are numerous combinations that you could even experiment with while preparing Chinese food with noodles. However, this article focused on the most popular and highly favoured Chinese foods relished with noodles almost everywhere.