12 aprilie 2016

How to Distinguish Fake Swatch Watches from Authentic Swatches

Swatch has a very large consumer group in China and other regions of the world due to the low-priced orientation, reliable quality as well as fashionable style. Many people now prefer buying a Swatch watch online to save time and money. Then to spot authentic or fake become an important issue during the online shopping.

Here sum up four useful methods to spot fake Swatch watches:

1. Item NO
Each authentic Swatch has a unique item No composed by English letters and Arabic numerals. Different letters stand for different series. For example, the beginning L stands for Ladies watches, the G stands for Gent watches, the SL for music watches and SU for square watches. The numerals are arranged in chronological order. The smaller number a watch has, (it means that)the earlier it was developed and released. According to the item No. you can find the corresponding pictures and specifications at the Swatch Official site. As the retail price of Swatch watch ranges from 398RMB to 1280 RMB-low-priced marketing, the replica watch producer would only copy at the lowest cost to pursue max profit.
Swatch develops dozens of new watches each year. And it has released more than 1000 watches since early 1980s. No a single replica manufacturer can copy them all. Most Swatch replicas copy Swatch style.Only very few replica Swatch watches are made based on a specific item. So all Swatch replicas have no unique item no.

2. Origin and Movement 
Normally, replica watch online shops do not make clear in the product title or specification that the listed watches are fake watches. If the specification shows that the watch is made in Hongkong or use Japanese movement, the wath must be fake.
All Swatch watches are made is Swiss and use Swiss movements. The repair rate of Swatch watches is less than 1% . And the average repair rate of the best watches in the world is less than 3%. The founder of Swatch once declared that Swatch watches run better than any watch in the world. They never work improperly.

3. Case Back 
This is an very important method to tell the fake swatch from authentic Swatch. Except automatic mechanical watches which have transparent case back , all authentic Swatch watches have semi-closed case back with exposed battery cover. The design and making ensure best water resistance, shock proof and anti-magnetic performance. No replica Swatch can copy it. Not a few real plastic Swatch have semi-transparent case back that offers full view of the inner structure and the movement operation. The semi-transparent case back require special material and high craftsmanship. Fake Swatch are not able to copy it. All fake Swatch watches has closed case back that are crafted from cheap metal. If you order Swatch online, you better ask the case back picture from the seller to decide the watch is fake or authentic.

4. Details 
Hands: Almost each fake Swatch is equipped with the same short hands. Authentic Swatch watches have longer hands that vary according different styles. 
Printing: Some fake Swatch spell the “Swatch” or “Swiss” wrong. Authentic Swatch print the “Swatch AG Year” at the outer ring which facilitate Swatch lovers to search the relevant information of the watch according to the year of design. On the dial of fake Swatch, you can not find the wording of Year.

In addition to the above methods, you can also identify from the pricing, the quality sense and workmanship.

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