20 octombrie 2016

#Halloween Rituals

#Halloween Rituals

Halloween is usually associated with carved pumpkins and occults. Think of it when it was actually started to keep the supernatural powers at bay. The members of the family and community used to stay awake and lit a fire to keep the ghosts away.

Celebration of #Halloween

Celebration of Halloween

Halloween or ‘hallowe'en' is celebrated every year during 31st October, which includes various types of celebrations. Children get very much excited about ‘Trick-Or-Treat' where children dress up in various costumes like ghosts, zombies, monsters and comic characters and carry a bag and they knock at each and every door in the neighborhood, saying ‘Trick-Or-Treat'.

8 septembrie 2016

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4 septembrie 2016

Toddler Toys That Encourage Climbing and Crawling

Physical development in toddlers is vital for their growth. This kind of development can only be received through physical activities like climbing, crawling, running etc.